How to Build an Employer Brand that Attracts and Retains Digital Marketing Talent

In today’s internet-focused age, every company has a reputation, whether they actively cultivate it or not.

For membership businesses in search of new digital talent, your brand image is particularly important, as online marketers are continually looking for insights and information on the web. The best candidates will naturally gravitate towards organisations that put their best face forward both online, and offline.

According to the Harvard Business Review, employer branding is becoming increasingly critical for marketing leaders, CEOs and HR experts alike. A third of these groups plan to grow their global brand by 2020. However, some membership groups are still struggling to break free from their old-fashioned notoriety.

So, how can you create an employer brand that attracts and retains the latest talent?


1. Evaluate Your Current Reputation



Before you can begin making changes to your employer brand, you need to know where you stand. A survey or poll of key employees can help you build a foundation for your future employer brand.

Membership organisations often struggle to overcome a “traditional” image and present their forward-thinking strategies to prospective candidates. Many of today’s digital marketers are searching for employers that can offer them unique opportunities and flexibility. Unfortunately, some people believe that the classical and conventional nature of membership organisations makes them unable to embrace new trends.

Find out what your current staff think about your organisation. It will help you identify the gap between where you are and where you want your employer brand to be.


2. Give Your People a Purpose

Today’s most desirable employees are looking for more than just a salary from their employer – they want meaning and purpose. The younger generations of digital marketers in particular, including millennials, believe that they need to accomplish something as part of their career. Unlike other sectors offering digital marketing work, membership organisations are particularly well-positioned to offer this sense of purpose.

Roles in a membership company give marketers the chance to actively improve an entire sector, which means they make a more significant impact on the industry. Showing your employees what they can accomplish as part of your team is a great way to attract top-tier talent.

Case studies about previous projects are a fantastic way to show potential employees what’s possible for them.


3. Offer Unique Benefits



“Culture” has emerged as essential in every industry today. Membership organisations naturally have a pre-existing sense of culture, because they’re all about community and development. The key to attracting the best digital marketing talent is being able to demonstrate that your culture takes modern needs into account.

For instance, as well as offering exceptional support and development opportunities to your membership employees, you can also provide them with access to resources which promote work/life balance and have employee well-being programmes that include family days and partner events. Some businesses provide remote working opportunities and flexible scheduling that allow their staff to organise their work life around their personal commitments.

Discover what your digital marketing staff need most from you and build on those unique benefits.


4. Personalise Employee and Candidate Experiences

The facts are that Membership organisations can offer employees an employment experience unlike any other. The first step to doing this is figuring out what your people need and implementing the right plan.

  • Develop a strategy for talent progression: Show your digital marketing employees that they have room to grow in your organisation with a development plan that will help them advance into leadership positions and acquire new skill sets.
  • Recognise your employees regularly with new rewards, benefits, and feedback: Recognition boosts morale for both individuals, and the entire team.
  • Nurture strong relationships: Encourage employees to understand the various functions in the business and embrace what you stand for.


5. Communicate What You Have to Offer


Finally, make sure that you’re continually demonstrating your value to top-tier talent.

Your website needs to be packed full of useful information about what your business does for both employees, and the industry overall. At the same time, your recruitment agency can help you to develop job specifications that highlight the most attractive parts of working for you.

One of the best ways to showcase your value is through your existing employees. Advocates among your staff can share stories about their experiences with your company in video’s, case studies, review websites like Glassdoor, and across your organisation’s social media platforms.


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