What Makes a Great Membership Organisation Contractor?

Sometimes, when you’re working on a unique project, or you need specific expertise, a full-time employee isn’t the only option.

Contractors provide companies with access to the experience and skills they need to tackle a particular problem at a specific time. Not only are contractors cost-efficient, but they can also be highly productive, helping you to complete complex tasks at a quicker pace. According to a Freelance Union study, half of the workforce will be made up of contractors by 2020.

Of course, not all contractors are alike. When you need extra assistance for your membership organisation, it’s important to know what separates an excellent contractor from the rest of the crowd.

1. Focused Experience



One of the things that make contractors so valuable in the modern world is that they have a specialised set of skills. While many employees build their skills in various areas to improve their career development, contractors hone their talents in a very niche area.

For instance, if your Professional Membership Institute is in the process of a digital transformation where you need to move all of your member records into an online system, you’d need the help of an IT person who has experience with software such as Microsoft DX which a general IT person wouldn’t automatically have. Choosing a contractor who has years of experience working with the software means they will manage each stage of your project with care, security, and skill.


2. Flexibility

Great contractors can pivot and adjust according to your needs. Contractors are naturally flexible because they know that’s the best way to keep their clients happy. For instance, if your organisation needs support launching a marketing strategy, a digital marketing contractor will be able to adjust their plan according to changing digital algorithms, new advertising trends, social media platforms and customer preference.

Marketing contractors can also evaluate the performance of their campaigns over time using digital tools. This allows them to analyse which parts of their strategy are working, and which they need to adjust to deliver the best results for clients. Ongoing flexibility ensures you’re always getting the best outcomes.


3. Leadership Skills



Often, when contractors are introduced into an existing team within a membership organisation, they’ll need to work alongside existing full and part-time employees. For instance, your IT contractor will need to work with the current tech group. Contractors, therefore, need to be able to work well in a diverse range of different teams and when required can step into a leadership role.

Having leadership qualities allows a contractor to standout from the crowd by being able to;

  • Offer a clear vision of what’s possible for
  • Guide employees towards specific
  • Introduce in-house team members to new techniques and
  • Support further the overall implementation of a project.


4. Excellent Communication

Excellent communication is an essential component of being an effective leader. However, contractors need to be able to use their communication skills throughout several areas of their position. For instance, when a marketing contractor is developing a new brand reputation strategy for a membership organisation, their communication skills are vital.

To begin with, your contractor will need to listen carefully to the needs of your business, the vision and goals you have for your organisation and what the new brand reputation needs to deliver. After that, the contractor will have to create a plan based on what they’ve learned about you and explain the elements of that strategy to you in a language you can understand. Without strong communication skills, any project would suffer.


5. Discipline and Drive



Contractors rarely work in a traditional 9-to-5 format. The nature of their role means they have been hired for a specific project or task that needs to be delivered within a particular time frame.
A good contractor will know how to manage their time effectively to deliver on deadlines and delight their client. Successful contractors are disciplined, focused, and capable of driving their own success.

Although a contractor’s primary focus will always be their client’s success, they’ll also carve out time for networking and personal growth. While your IT contractor is working for you, for instance, they may also be building their connections with other peers in the field, and individuals with similar specialities. That means that if you need extra help with your project, your contractor can potentially recommend someone to join the team.


6. Continued Education

Finally, an interim employee or contractor knows that the only way to continue standing out in their chosen field is to hone and improve their skills continually. Some contractors will be more devoted to continuous learning than others. For instance, a marketing contractor that falls behind the crowd loses their competitiveness in their area.

The best contractors are always working on their skills so that they can add the most value and support clients to the best of their ability. Over time, you’ll find that your most effective interim employees are continually adding new certifications and insights to their CV, perfect for serving your specific needs.


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