Why a Slow Hiring Process is Damaging Your Membership Growth?

People grown organisations and consequently having a robust, yet fast hiring process is critical in today’s employment market where certain skills are in short supply

A professional body, like any organisation, is careful about the people they choose to bring into their teams. However, it’s crucial to remember that the best talent won’t wait forever.

A slow and ineffective hiring process will prevent employers from ever reaching the point of a job offer because the best people are often already off the market within ten days according to the CIPD.

When a recruitment company like membershipbespoke identifies a top performer for your team, it’s critical to act fast. Failure to provide an offer within the right time frame may leave you scratching your head in frustration and considering settling for a less than ideal candidate.

Skilled talent is in high demand across every industry and the people you want for your team will have opportunities and alternative offers waiting in the pipeline if you don’t act quickly.



For instance, individuals searching for a role with one membership organisation in the financial sector may also apply for a role with another finance related membership group at the same time.

Consequently, in an employment market that is short on skills, slow recruitment processes lead to:

  • Talent lost to a competitor: Slow hiring causes in-demand employees to find positions with your competitors, reducing your market presence.
  • Internal stress: Team members are required to work harder or longer hours to keep on top of the workload and can begin to suffer from anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Reduced future applications: Frustrated candidates now talk about their experiences online and in social forums, harming your reputation and employer brand.

Is Your Talent Planning At Fault?

One of the most common reasons for a slow hiring process we see is a lack of talent planning.

Ineffective recruitment doesn’t always come down to being too picky or having too many applicants to sift through. The issue can come down to inefficiency when scheduling interviews and follow-up meetings.

Planning is essential when you’re searching for someone new to add to your membership team.



Before you start the recruitment process with your recruitment partner, make sure you:

  • Decide who will be responsible for holding interviews.
  • Agree on the days and times when 1st, 2nd, and 3rd interviews will be conducted.
  • Outline necessary questions and criteria for scoring people during interviews.
  • Determine who will be responsible for making final hiring decisions.
  • Implement strategies for maintaining constant contact with candidates. (Follow up emails and calls)

Outlining necessary people, processes, and schedules ahead of time can prevent unnecessary stress for everyone concerned while reducing the time candidates must wait to get a response and consequently say yes to your offer.

On the upside a good strategy also boosts your reputation, by demonstrating to candidates that you respect and value their time.


Not Acting Immediately on CVs



Now the timelines and process are in everyone’s diary let’s move onto looking at CVs relevant to your role and… taking action.

When searching for the ideal employee, it’s tempting to hold onto a pile of CVs and wait to see if better options come through. Unfortunately, the level of competition in many sectors today means that you need to act fast.

Institutions will see significant competition when looking for talent in a specific sector for example in today’s economy digital marketing talent gets snapped up so fast we are sometimes looking at 24-48 hours rather than weeks!

Slow decisions or a “wait and see” approach means that you’re likely to lose the battle for the critical talent your membership needs.

When a highly relevant CV arrives on your desk, the best thing you can do is act on it immediately. Screen the candidate with a phone interview, let them know you’re interested and follow up with an interview schedule quickly.

Fast hiring isn’t always easy, particularly for highly nuanced membership organisations. However, the quicker you act on talent, the easier it will be to stay one step ahead of your growth goals.





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