5 Steps to Handling Those Career Blues Feelings

What do you do when the January blues don’t disappear in February?  

Do you still feel plagued by a Groundhog Day sensation at work? Maybe you’re convinced that your career or even your life isn’t heading in the right direction.  

The good news is that Spring is just around the corner. Now’s the perfect time to start clearing the cobwebs out of your development plan and thinking about your future.  

If you’re spending every Sunday dreading the thought of going back to your membership role, then it’s time to figure out what’s causing the problem. Getting to the source of your issue and taking actionable steps against it ensures that you’re ready to make the most out of your professional life.  

Let’s get you back on track.


Step 1: Find the Root of the Problem 



The first step is finding the source of your unhappiness.  

You may assume that you’re dissatisfied with work, but the truth is that you’re feeling frustrated in all parts of your life. We spend a lot of time in the office, so it may just be that that’s where you notice your discomfort the most.  

On the other hand, if your employment is the problem, the answer may not be to leave your job and start somewhere new. Ask yourself: 

  • Are you getting what you came to this role looking forI.e. development opportunities, challenges, recognition, chances to work with a variety of people?
  • Are you still passionate about the membership organisation? Do you see the meaning and value of what you do each day?
  • Do you feel as though you’ve gotten everything you can out of your current position? Maybe it’s time to look for new responsibilities and promotions. 
  • Are you experiencing life changes at home? Is your personal issue impacting how you feel at work?

Getting to the root of the problem will show you how to proceed. For instance, if things are changing at home, it may simply be that you need to wait for problems to settle and your career blues will disappear.  


Step 2: Look for Opportunities to Make Your Current Role Better 

If the issue is that you no longer feel challenged in your role, it’s time to look for ways that you can improve your employment experience. Maybe there aren’t enough new challenges in your day-to-day tasks to make you feel motivated. Perhaps you’re constantly feeling bored or distracted at work. If you spend more time daydreaming than getting things done, take charge of your career by: 

  • Asking for new responsibilities: Think about what kind of tasks you most enjoy, then ask for more opportunities in that area. For instance, do you enjoy working with membership clients to improve their experience? Ask for more customer-oriented jobs. 
  • Get involved with teamwork: If there aren’t any new challenges that you can take on yourself, offer to support your colleagues. There may be some complex projects happening in your workplace that you can get involved with.
  • Get to know your team better: Interacting with other people in the workforce will make you feel more immersed in the company culture. Friends at work can significantly improve your feelings of satisfaction.  


Step 3: Refine Your Work/Life Balance 



If your career isn’t at the heart of your problems, it may be time to start looking at your work/life balance. Perhaps there’s something at home that you need to address before you can fully immerse yourself back into work. Look after your life outside of work, by: 

  • Using your vacation days: Countless people avoid taking vacation days because they hope it will raise their chances of a promotion. However, even people who love their role need a break. SHRM reports that time off leads to 78% better focus, and 81% reduced burnout
  • Look after your mental health: More than a third of UK employees experience anxiety, stress or depression. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, look for ways to protect your health. For instance, can you delegate tasks elsewhere to take some weight off your shoulders? Is it possible to ask for additional help?
  • Step out of the office once in a while: It’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced world of a membership organisation. However, lunch at your desk every day can quickly leave you feeling drained. Get out of the office from time to time and enjoy some fresh air.  

Step 4: Try A Different Position  

Maybe you love the membership organisation that you’re affiliated with, but you’re just not getting anything out of the role anymore. If that’s the case, then perhaps you can eliminate your career blues by looking for new opportunities. For instance: 

  • Learn new skills: Make yourself more valuable for your employer by learning new skills, and they’re sure to reward you with more responsibilities. Can you improve your tech knowledge to work with membership CRM systems? Perhaps you can learn leadership skills to increase your chances of promotion?
  • Look for lateral movement opportunities: Is it possible to switch to a different section of the same organisation? If you’re currently in sales, but you prefer the idea of marketing, find a mentor you can shadow in that area. Once you’ve learned enough, ask for an opportunity to switch roles. 
  • Meet with your employer: Speak to your boss about the opportunities that might be available to you. Discuss your strengths and weaknesses and see if they can recommend any new positions that are better suited to your skills. 


Step 5: Search for Somewhere New 



Finally, if you’ve done your research and you discover that it’s the membership organisation that you’ve outgrown, it’s time to search for alternative positions. Before you seek out the guidance of a specialist recruitment company, ask yourself: 

  • What do you love to do at work?  
  • What do you hate doing?  
  • What kind of company do you feel comfortable working for?  
  • What do you want to get out of your role? 

Make sure that you have a solid plan in place to guide you towards the right position before you start looking for a new job. The more you understand about your needs and expectations, the more a recruitment team like Membership Bespoke can help you find the employment that’s right for you.  

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