5 Ways Your Professional Body Can Leverage the Potential of AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are hot topics in any industry today. 

Smart technology has the potential to transform the way we live and work, simplifying and accelerating various aspects of our lives. Already, reports from Forbes suggest that 80% of companies are investing in AI.  

For professional bodies, this new and disruptive technology presents an opportunity to delight customers, engage employees and more. Here, we’re going to look at just some of the ways the artificial intelligence can transform your membership organisation.


1. Use AI to Support Research-Driven Decisions



Many companies are still exploring the potential of artificial intelligence and what it can do for their business goals. One of the most common ways to begin leveraging smart technology is to use it to support intelligent decision making.  

According to Capgemini’s “State of AI” survey, 80% of institutes incorporating AI have experienced better insights and analysis. The way you choose to use these insights will depend on your business goals, but the sheer volume of data that AI collects means you can: 

  • Evaluate membership trends and spot red flags that you may be about to lose members.
  • Determine what your members like most about your professional body, and what you can do to improve retention.
  • Track employee performance and take steps to improve productivity.  


2. Empower and Complement Your Workforce

AI is an exciting concept, but it also leads to some common fears in the professional space. One of the biggest worries around artificial intelligence is that the technology will replace human jobs. However, the truth is that most technology is limited in what it can accomplish. The best way for professional bodies to leverage these innovations is to use them to improve, not replace critical positions in their business. 

For instance, a head of membership in your team can spend less time answering repetitive questions and filling out forms if a virtual assistant and chatbot can handle those tasks for them. The less time senior members of your team spend on repetitive tasks, the more they can focus on creative challenges like implementing personal customer service experiences and contributing to the development of new membership products.  

AI can eliminate the parts of a position that hold your people back and stop them from leveraging their true potential.


3. Personalise Member Experiences  



In any professional body, you’ll notice that your members respond best to experiences that are tailor-made for them. Today’s customers expect more from their experiences with companies, regardless of whether they’re dealing with membership organisations or standard businesses.  

The good news is that artificial intelligence can gather information about your people that lead to more personalised experiences. You can track things like: 

  • Which key demographics define your members: This is ideal for finding new people to join your group)
  • Sponsorship and donation habits: What convinces your members to hand over their money?  
  • Behavioural trends: What’s the day and time that your members are most likely to read your newsletters? What kind of marketing do they respond best to? 

The more you learn about your members through AI analysis, the easier it will be to create experiences that promote the growth of your company.


4. Coach Team Members to Generate more Members

One of the biggest goals of any professional body is to attract as many new members as possible. Understanding your target audience will support this. However, your team members will also need the correct training so that they can capture the attention of potential customers.  

AI can identify which people in your audience are most likely to renew their membership, which people need additional support from a team member and more. Additionally, your artificial intelligence systems can gather information on renewal and membership commitment trends so that you can improve staff training.  

If you know exactly what convinces people to join and stay with your professional organisation, you can guide your employees in a step-by-step process of customer service. When you implement new strategies to boost membership, AI systems can even track performance to help leaders engage in individual development plans for each staff member.


5. Improve Your Employer Brand



Finally, AI isn’t just an exceptional way to earn the attention of customers and drive membership renewals. Used correctly, the right technology can also attract more talent to your team.  

It’s common for some candidates to see professional bodies as “outdated” or old fashioned. However, if your group is investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning, that’s an instant sign that you’re innovative and forward-thinking.  

Investment into disruptive technology shows candidates that you’re looking forward to the future, which may accelerate your hiring process. What’s more, when you do bring new people on board, your AI systems can track things like engagement and employee satisfaction to determine when you need to conduct stay interviews to reduce turnover.  


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