How to Improve Staff Retention On Your Membership Team

Finding the perfect people for your team is only the first step to realising your membership organisation’s potential. Once your recruitment specialist has helped you to locate the right talentyou will also need to retain them for as long as possible.  

Hiring managers find themselves facing increased competition in the job marketmaking it harder to find and hold onto critical hires. Since the cost of turnover in a specialist market can be astronomical, it is essential for membership organisations to think about how they can engage their staff and reduce attrition 

At membershipbespoke, we understand not only how challenging it can be to consistently engage and challenge the talent on your team; we know how crucial it is to retain them. If you’re ready to take your membership organisation to the next level, here are some key strategies that can help you achieve both 


Offer A Future With Your Organisation  



Whether it is more responsibility, a promotion, or the chance to work with a major client, membership hires want to know that they can grow and carve a niche for themselves in your organisation 

However, engaging and retaining employees does not have to mean continually finding opportunities for new promotions. Instead, leaders need to work with their people to help them define and build a roadmap for their individual success.  

If managers can help employees to see where their future within the company lies, those individuals are less likely to jump ship. Sit down during the onboarding process and discuss where your new team member seethemselves in the next 6-12 months – or even in the next couple of years – and how you can help them achieve their goals 

For example, if you’ve recently onboarded a great senior leader who has aspirations of becoming a business development director, help guide them toward attaining this career objective. 


Provide Development Opportunities  

Development plans naturally go hand-in-hand with training and opportunities for growth.  

Once you have determined what the long-term objectives of your team members are, it is up to you to create the environment where your membership team members are empowered to own their development, while supporting them with skill-building opportunities and workplace challenges that will help them realise their ambitions 

If staff members feel as though they have the right resources, knowledge, and support to perform in their current role, as well as having a clear development path, they will be much more satisfied with and engaged in their roles. 


Encourage Wellness In The Workplace 



Regardless of their roles, all employees need plenty of time to regroup and recuperate in the workplace. Short breaks give your team members a chance to refresh their thinking patterns and reduce their stress levels. So, how do you encourage an atmosphere of self-care? 

Wellbeing in the workplace often starts from the top down. If employees see their managers working through lunch, they will feel compelled to do the same thing. In addition to providing and encouraging time to recharge mentally, you could bring in a wellness coach to speak to staff on ways they can fit daily exercise and proper nutrition into their busy professional lives.  

As well as reducing stress, a healthy diet and regular physical exercise will enable your employees to be more engaged and productive at work. 


Offer Competitive Compensation 

The workforce is changing. Many membership hires – particularly those from the Millennial generation – now prize things like flexibility and work/life balance more than high salary. However, that doesn’t mean that top performer will not be tempted to jump ship if they think that they can get better compensation and benefits elsewhere.  

Periodically examining your compensation package to make sure it is competitive can be a great way to improve retention. Partnering with a specialist recruitment agency like Membership Bespoke will also give you valuable insight into which benefits are more likely to attract top-tier talent 


Recognise and Reward Employee Achievements 



Sometimes, when it comes to increasing employee engagement and reducing attrition, recognition is even more important than compensation. Not recognising or giving praise for your team members’ accomplishments is one of the most common mistakes to avoid in building a great membership team 

Membership hires want to know that they are appreciated for the work that they are doing. After all, these people can have a direct impact on your organisation’s bottom line, so it’s crucial to make them feel valued 

Managers who deliver praise and rewards in the form of group celebration lunches, or even the chance to leave work a little early one day, can earn the respect and loyalty of their team members. If you are not sure how to motivate your team through rewards and recognition, you can always speak to your specialist recruitment consultant for advice or consider surveying your employees and asking them for insights into how they would like to get recognition.  


Have A Retention Strategy 

Finally, instead of waiting for employees to leave before you begin to evaluate what’s going wrong, make sure that you are continually developing and improving your retention strategy with input from your hires.  

Meeting with your team regularly to discuss what they like and dislike about working with your organisation can be a great way to address problems before they impact retention. At the same time, open communication between employees and their managers can help to foster stronger company culture and better loyalty through a shared sense of purpose.  

There may not be a one-size-fits-all approach to retention, but the tips above should help you to find a solution that strengthens and satisfies your membership team.  



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