How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out to Membership Recruiters

Whether you’re currently looking for the ideal membership position, or you’re just receptive to good opportunities, it pays to have the right tools.  

The CV has been the most crucial document in any job search for decades. Today, it continues to be a valuable way of demonstrating your abilities to recruiters. However, there’s also a new way to supplement your CV in today’s digital age.  

Your LinkedIn profile gives you an opportunity to paint a more comprehensive picture of who you are as an employee. Through insights into your achievements, endorsements from membership bodies, and profile updates, you improve your chances of being seen. 

So, how do you make your LinkedIn profile really stand out for the right reasons? 


Make Sure it’s Complete and Highly Searchable 



The more complete your profile is, the better the chance that recruiters will find you. 

LinkedIn is explicitly designed to support professional connections and talent searching. Their “Talent Hub” channel allows recruiters to skim through candidates looking for new opportunities. If a recruiter happens upon your profile and sees that you’ve given up on filling it out halfway through, that doesn’t make you look great. 

Fortunately, as you’re working on your profile, LinkedIn will automatically measure its completeness and offer suggestions on things you can tackle next.  

Make sure you include keywords throughout your profile when you can too. If you’re not sure which words will catch a recruiter’s eye, grab a job specification for your ideal role and pull terms from there. This will ensure you show up in specific recruitment searches.  

Show Your Professional Brand 

Your LinkedIn profile can be a comprehensive addition to your CV, and a great opportunity to highlight your achievements. Where CVs need to be concise, you can add as many accomplishments and endorsements to your LinkedIn page as you like. Use your profile as an introduction to your professional brand. Some great ways to make sure you stand out include: 

  • Getting a custom URL: Use rather than the randomly generated numbers that LinkedIn assigns. You can edit your URL on the Edit Profile screen.  
  • Improve your Headline: Describe the job you’re looking for here. For instance: “Head of Membership“. Avoid any buzzwords.  
  • Enhance your summary: Use about 3 to 5 short paragraphs in your summary, with bullet points if necessary. Walk your reader through the unique skills that would make you ideal for the position you’ve highlighted in your headline.  


Focus on Your Achievements  



When you complete your CV, you’re not just listing your previous job duties; you’re highlighting what you can do as an employee. Take the same approach to your LinkedIn profile. Focus on your achievements and experiences and use plenty of detail.  

Recruiters spend most of their time on LinkedIn looking for high performers. Serve yourself up as someone who goes above and beyond for their membership position, and you’ll be more likely to earn a significant role. Talk about the times you’ve been hand-picked for accomplishments, and the results you achieved for your employer. 

When exhibiting your leadership skills, remember to use statistics if you can. For instance, “I helped to support more than 250 members individually during my time with -company-“. Numbers are an excellent way to impress your reader.  

Update Your Profile Frequently

Just as your CV shouldn’t be sitting dormant in your desk drawer, your LinkedIn profile needs to stay up-to-date. Adding a new status or sharing content once a week is a good start. The more active you are, the more a recruiter can see that you’re committed to your job search and your industry. 

Use your LinkedIn profile as a platform for sharing your passion for your sector. You can curate and share stories from relevant publications or write your own blogs if you feel comfortable.  

It’s also a good idea to make a strategic plan for recommendations and endorsements. Approach people who have commended you for your work and ask them to highlight specific skills or experiences. Just remember not to overload your profile with so many different endorsements that your recruiters can’t see what you’re best at.  


Make Yourself Easy to Find



A complete profile, the use of keywords, and a custom URL will all make you easier to find on LinkedIn. However, you can also take your strategy a step further, by using the “Open Candidates” feature. This feature allows you to signal membership recruitment teams like Membership Bespoke and let them know you’re looking for opportunities.  

The Open Candidates feature on the LinkedIn Jobs Home Page. Remember, though it shows your profile to recruiters, it won’t notify your current employer that you’re looking for something new. It’s an excellent way to job hunt ethically while still employed.  

Don’t be afraid to check out some LinkedIn Groups for professional bodies and membership groups too. They’re a great way to interact with people from your industry.  

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