The Surprising Things Candidates are Looking for From Your Membership Organisation

Talent shortages are a common concern among membership organisations today.  

Hiring the best and brightest for your team is a process that has become increasingly difficult over the last few years. That’s why so many groups are now turning to specialists like membershipbespoke to find the ideal senior-level talent.  

Importantly, getting the best people for your company isn’t just about knowing how to write a job description, or where to look for candidates. In today’s recruitment world, the employees have all the power. You need a strategy that will convince professionals that they want to become part of your team.  

Here are just some of the things your future executive staff members are looking for from your membership organisation.


1. Clarification



Today’s high-level employees aren’t satisfied with a job that vaguely matches their career plan. Your people will want to know from day one that they’re applying for a position that speaks to their specific needs. This means that you’ll need to ensure that your job description provides all the right details for your potential employees.  

If you’re trying to attract leadership talent to your team, highlight precisely what that person will be responsible for in your job description. Tell them which teams they will be leading, what kind of tasks they’ll complete each day, and what they’ll learn along the way.  

Clarifying each role will improve your chances of appealing to the right people while ensuring that you have a helpful guide for your hiring manager to use when evaluating candidates in an interview. 


2. A Strong Employer Brand

Reputation is crucial in the membership organisation sector today. The way people perceive your group will dictate how easy it is for you to attract new members, as well as ensuring that you attract top-level candidates to your team.  

Consider how you’re presenting yourself to potential job-seekers. Are you affiliated with a specialist membership recruitment group like membershipbespoke? Does your company website provide useful details about the kind of experience your employees have at work each day through case studies and “about us” sections? Maybe you even have a social media account where your employees can get involved with promoting your brand.  

Whether you’re recruiting a head of marketing or a membership account leader, they’ll want to know that they’ll be working for an employer that will give them respect and guidance.


3. Cultural Fit



If you’ve heard of the term “employer brand,” there’s a good chance you’re also aware of “cultural fit.” According to research conducted by Harvard Business Review, people and culture are a vital component for executives making career decisions.  

Candidates want to know whether they’re going to fit comfortably with the other members of your team. Your employer brand will show them how they can expect to be treated, while your company culture demonstrates how much they’ll enjoy working and contributing within your professional teams.  

Share as many details as you can about company culture with candidates through your website, interviews, and job descriptions. For instance: 

  • In the job description, highlight any cultural aspects that might attract the right person, for example: “We have monthly business lunches and weekly “dress down” days. 
  • During the interview, ask your candidate what they look for in company culture. “What kind of environment do you think you work best in, and what do you like most about our company’s culture?”
  • On your website or social media pages, share photos and behind-the-scenes stories that help people visualise a day in the life of your staff.  


4. Speed and Constant Communication  

Today’s candidates expect a better hiring experience from their potential employers. According to some studies, following an unsuccessful interview, 67% of people would re-apply for a position in an organisation, providing that the interview experience was good.  

What’s more, providing a good candidate experience can also improve your employer brand, giving you more opportunities for recruitment in the future. Remember to: 

  • Speed up the hiring process as much as possible: Use a recruitment company like membershipbespoke to sort through your executive applications and help you find the right people for your membership organisation.
  • Demonstrate respect: During any interview or screening session, make sure that you listen carefully to your candidates, respond thoughtfully to their questions, and let them know when they can expect to hear back from you.
  • Communicate frequently: Keep your candidates in the loop by emailing or calling them with updates on how their application is progressing. Don’t leave them without an answer for months at a time. 


5. Transparency and Opportunity



Finally, your membership organisation candidates want to know what they can realistically get from you as an employer. This means being transparent about everything from the company’s goals, to the workload, and the realities of the position.  

From the moment you start writing your job descriptions, make sure that you’re keeping transparency in mind. Think about the key details your employees would want to know when they’re joining your team and include them in your description. What’s more, make sure you give your candidates time to ask any questions they may have at the end of the interview too.  

Remember, as well as being transparent about what you expect from your new team members, let them know what they can expect from you. Outline: 

  • How much they can earn in their new role. (Make sure your remuneration is competitive for high-level executive positions)
  • What they can learn, and where they’ll be able to develop their skills as part of your team. This will help you to retain your senior employees.   
  • Any additional opportunities or benefits you can offer. Can you provide learning facilities? Chances to work from home on certain days? Tickets to local networking events? 

Hiring the ideal talent is tough, but it’s much easier when you know what they’re looking for.  


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