What Makes A Great Business Development Director

Business Development Directors (BDDs) have very demanding and challenging roles; because they’re responsible for developing continuing membership growth. Consequently, they have to be able to identify potential business opportunities,  build profitable long-term relationships so that their organisation is as successful as it can be, by both increasing revenue and maximising profits.

In addition to using their knowledge and experience as a great senior leader to help their membership grow, they also evaluate the current performance of the company and find ways to improve the ability to scale.

With all that in mind, it’s essential that you find the right development director to ensure you have a guaranteed way of building your membership organisation. Here we look at the critical skills and attributes that make a great business development director.


Communication & Interpersonal Skills



An essential quality for this role is having developed communication and interpersonal skills.

After all, membership organisations are all about people. Therefore a business development director needs to be adept at communicating, influencing and building rapport with individuals at every level.

Having the right combination of confidence, life-experience and empathy to perform as a leader in any situation is paramount, as is being able to communicate, present, and speak to all the different stakeholders involved.


Positive Attitude & Enthusiasm

When it comes to developing business by capitalising on growth opportunities, having a positive attitude is a must. While it’s essential to remain vigilant of the potential threats and pitfalls that may come with growth, a great business development director harnesses their positive energy into finding new possibilities, turning problems into opportunities and they also know how to stay calm under pressure.

Another key ingredient along with positivity that helps BDD’s succeed is enthusiasm. Their high energy not only enables them to weather uneven market trends and organisational upsets but also helps to bolster the confidence and enthusiasm of other team members.


Being A Team Player



As with any sports team at the top of their game, the responsibility of a high-performing team in a membership organisation rests on the shoulders of its leaders. Being a team player is therefore essential for any successful business development director, as they will need to align the team to get the best possible performance for growth.

Business development is not a one man or woman show; it involves collaboration with multiple parties from inside and outside the membership which requires diplomacy at all times.


Business Savvy and a Sales Superstar

You would, of course, expect your business development director to know everything about the services and products of your specific membership and critically how to sell the various benefits being a member of your organisation brings.

A business development director is more than just a sales superstar. They will have the ability to analyse and understand the market, it’s trends, and they will also know everything about your competition, providing you with the leverage you need to dominate in your sector.


Life-Long Learner



In addition to all of the above-mentioned attributes and skills, a great business development director is also a life-long learner. Whether it’s staying up-to-date with the latest economic issues or learning more about marketing techniques, an ideal BDD will utilise their growing body of knowledge and skills to grow your membership and revenues consistently.


What Next?

If you are looking for your next membership Business Development Director, we can help. With over 18 years of experience recruiting in the membership sector, we have over 75 active clients and a 90% client retention rate. To get in touch call us on 0203 440 3652 or email us here.

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