Why Introverts Make Great Membership Employees

When people think of introverts, they often imagine shy, nervous and withdrawn people. 

However, the truth is that introverts can be valuable parts of your membership team. These people might not be as loud or imposing as the extroverts. However, they will approach issues more methodically, analysing each project, and finding the best solution for the task at hand.  

Around 50% of the population is introverted, according to the Myers-Briggs group. However, that may be good news for your organisation. The right balance of introverts and extroverts can lead to amazing results.  

Here’s why you should ask Membership Bespoke to find you some more introverted employees. 

Introverts are Talented Listeners 



People appreciate being heard. Whether it’s your other staff members, your stakeholders, or the new members you’re trying to bring into your community. Introverts are excellent at fulfilling that need because they always listen before they speak.  

With introverts in your talent pipeline and on your team, you’ll have a constant supply of people who can get to the bottom of what your members need. Introverts also make excellent strategists because they absorb as many details as possible about a situation before jumping into action. They can guide the rest of your team in coming up with new initiatives that will retain your members and attract new ones. 

What’s more, if you have feedback to give your staff about their performance, you can rest assured that your introvert will take it seriously, and work to improve themselves.  

They’re Meticulous and Focused Problem Solvers 

An introvert’s talent for listening also gives them exceptional focus. Once they have a project to work on, they’ll dedicate themselves to it until they’ve found the right answer. Introverted employees in a membership organisation won’t lose heart when faced with a challenge. They’ll keep working until they’ve found a solution.  

Often, introverts also deliver highly creative responses to problems too. Working with the other leaders in your team, they’ll think outside of the box, and take alternative routes if necessary to get to the right results.  

According to the author of “Quiet Revolution,” Susan Cain, introverts are also more creative during their withdrawn moments. In times of solitude, they find inspiration that’s valuable for the rest of the team.  

Introverts are Excellent at Relationships 



The fact that introverts draw energy from within, rather than from social groups leads to misconceptions. Some people believe that these people are difficult to get along with, or naturally isolated. However, although they may not be the life of the party, they’re the person you want around when building relationships with members and stakeholders 

Introverts know how to build deep relationships with your audience. Their high level of emotional intelligence means that they can resonate with people in a stronger, more memorable way. Since membership bodies prize long-term relationships, it’s a good idea to have introverts on-board to nurture these connections.  

Your introverted employees won’t rush in and amaze your members with flashy presentations. Instead, they’ll get to the heart of what each member needs, then go above and beyond to deliver results.  

They’re Highly Self-Motivated 

Introverted employees are happy to work on their own, towards both their personal goals and the targets of your organisation. They can happily take the initiative on projects and come up with new solutions for your team when they need to. They’re also willing to drive their own development so that they can be sure to deliver constant value to their employer.  

Their self-motivated nature makes introverts very easy to manage. While you’re working on growing your membership organisation, you can rest assured that they’ll be stringently doing their part – even if you don’t hear from them often.  

What’s more, introverts regularly reflect on their abilities and proficiencies. Through regular self-evaluations, they can determine when they need extra training and support to address complex situations. Their motivated nature can even inspire the other employees in your team to work more aggressively towards their own ambitions. 

Introverts Can Be Amazing Leaders



Finally, the systematic and focused nature of an introvert often makes them an exceptional leader. While they may not be as comfortable standing up in front of a group, they can control high-pressure situations by taking time to think strategically about what everyone needs.  

Introverts don’t rush into taking risks. They carefully consider every possible outcome for their action, before choosing the route with the best potential results. According to Forbes, around 40% of the top executives in the world today are introverts.  

If you’re looking for an analytical leader who can keep calm in a crisis, then an introvert is a good choice for your membership team.  

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