How to Build Your Membership Talent Pipeline This Year

Wouldn’t life be easier if every time one of your employees resigned, you had a list of qualified candidates to fill the resulting gap?  

With a selection of dedicated applicants at your fingertips, you can spend less time searching for replacement staff members, and more time building your business. That’s the driving idea behind the membership talent pipeline.  

Most companies take a “passive” approach to recruitment, waiting until someone hands over their notice before they look for new talent. However, a proactive approach with talent pipelines can reduce your risk of hiring mistakes, minimise workplace disruptions, and preserve a better company culture.  

Here’s how you can take advantage of talent pipelines in 2019 with guidance from membershipbespoke.

Step 1: Set Goals for Recruitment 



Talent pipelines are constantly-evolving sets of people that may want to join your team one day. These people might replace the individuals that leave your organisation over time, or they may fill new roles that emerge when your membership business evolves or adds new services. 

With talent pipelines, business leaders and specialist recruitment groups build long-term relationships with people who are valuable for your team. To create a pipeline effectively, you’ll need to switch your mindset from only filling open positions, to thinking about who your business will need to hire in the future. Ask yourself: 

  • What kind of employees will help my membership organisation to grow? Do they have specific skills? What are the traits that will ensure they fit with your company culture?
  • Are there any trends that might have an impact on your company in the years to come, and will they lead to new roles?
  • Can a specialist recruitment company like membershipbespoke assist with maintaining your talent pipeline, and making sure you have a good, well-rounded selection of candidates to choose from? 

66% of companies with a consistent talent pipeline strategy say that the technique reduces their time to hire.

Step 2: Improve your Employer Brand 

Creating a sustainable talent pool for your membership organisation isn’t just about attracting the right people. You’ll also need to convince your candidates that you have the right opportunities to offer them. Employer branding is often a challenge for membership groups, as some younger people can see these businesses as “old-fashioned” in today’s fast-moving world.  



The good news is that you can take control of your identity, both in the offline and online world. Your employer brand is the combination of all your company’s values, experiences, and your company culture. Convince people that you have the roles they’re looking for by: 

  • Updating the language in your job descriptions and advertisements to eliminate outdated or biased terms. Some seemingly innocuous words might indicate a preference for people of a certain age or gender, like “mature” or “seasoned”.
  • Filling your website with case studies and information about your team. Share stories about some of your employees’ latest accomplishments and let people see what they can do as part of your group.  
  • Using new strategies like social media and digital marketing. Work with groups like membershipbespoke to advertise positions in online forums and develop your presence on social media.  

Step 3: Show Candidates a Future with You 

Once you know what kind of people you’re going to be looking for to fill your pipeline, and you know your employer brand is on track, make sure that you’re giving each new employee a future with your team.  

The most appealing additions to your membership organisation will be eager to work with companies that will invest in their growth. Start each hiring journey with a one-on-one interview, where you can discuss the goals and expectations of your staff members with them. During this time, build a development plan, complete with: 

  • Timelines for learning new skills.
  • A variety of development opportunities to choose from, including mentoring sessions, courses, and online education.
  • Information on what staff members can do if they feel like they need extra support reaching their goals (who can they talk to, etc.).  

This approach will help you to make the most out of the people you bring onto your team from your talent pipeline. What’s more, an investment in staff development will improve employee retention and increase your chances of attracting new people to your organisation.

Step 4: Monitor and Adjust Your Strategy



Finally, convincing people to join your talent pipeline and stay there until you’re ready to hire is no simple feat. You’ll need to continually evaluate the effectiveness of your model, and make sure that you’re embracing any opportunities for development.  

For instance, a recruitment team like membershipbespoke will be able to tell you whether your employer branding efforts have led to more people showing interest in your company, or sending CVs through for jobs. The more you learn, the more you can alter your strategies to bring the right people into your pipeline.  

Make sure that you maintain the relationships that you develop with the candidates you have waiting in the wings too. Keeping them updated with regular updates and newsletters about upcoming changes can be all it takes to ensure they drop everything when a relevant position becomes available.  

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