Finding inspirational and talented leaders takes time.  

Mapping out a strategy for succession planning and/or bringing in fresh impetus is perhaps the most important endeavor of any board of Directors or senior HR team.  Both are essential to ensure the future prosperity and commercial viability of any Membership organisation.

Choosing membershipleaders to help guide your organisation to attract and retain the best leaders on the market is the first step in achieving growth, stability and if required transformation and change.

Every one of our clients is different.  Each has a different agenda and a different set of needs and strategic and operational goals.  The search for the best leadership talent begins with complex and detailed analysis of these unique characteristics.

Our talent pool of membershipleaders is a dynamic and highly prized community of leaders who  can all bring different and unique skillsets as well as the drive and determination to achieve excellence and stability.  If we don’t have the right types of candidates in our network we will identify, approach and asses talent that is right, all as part of the fee.

We bring a highly professional research led approach to finding the perfect match.  Detailed and consultative fact finding and learning about what your organisation needs allows us to understand the direction you wish your department or whole organisation  to move in.

The typical project to determine the needs of your organisation includes:

Detailed analysis of the needs of the business

Consultation on whether the right person exists within the sector or whether it would best to search in the private sector

Thorough and transparent research to identify the talent required to deliver the vision.

Management of a dual branded advertising campaign for talent attraction


A more discreet advertising campaign designed to keep the role under wraps from the market until disclosure is an absolute necessity.

Discreet and proactive search and selection methodology to create a long list of those suitable for the role

Assistance in the interviewing and vetting of candidates to a predetermined set of selection criterion or not depending on your wishes and needs.

Creation of a shortlist of vetted and genuinely interested candidates

Offer management