5 Steps to Building a High Performing Team in Membership Organisations

Effective teamwork is crucial for any membership organisation.

Whether it’s a group of devoted individuals working in a call centre, selling memberships on your behalf, or a customer service team, everyone needs to be engaged and focused on the same goals to facilitate great results.

Finding the perfect blend of knowledge, skills and attitudes for your business can help you to get ahead of the competition and achieve your goals faster. However, before you can start reaping the rewards of a high performing team, you’ll need to know how to set your employees up for success.

Here are just some of the ways that you can develop a more cohesive community within your membership workforce.


Step 1: Recruit Based On Shared Values



A high-performing team is defined by a group of people who can support each other in reaching critical business goals. Cohesiveness is essential to your team, which means you’ll need employees who can pull together for the greater good based on a clear understanding of what your membership organisation wants to achieve.

This will happen more easily when your employees share your organisational values. When recruiting, build into your process, questions and exercises that explore a candidate’s values.
It will give you an opportunity to test if their values match the organisations.

When membershipbespoke clients say an employee wasn’t a culture fit, it’s clear that the person’s values were a mismatch to the companies.

Remember, when onboarding new employees, explain why your business values are important and provide them with examples of how you see the company values being expressed, so they have some ideas of what’s expected.


Step 2: Embrace Diversity

Membership organisations can often be attracted to a specific type of employee. After all, you need someone who understands your sector and shares your vision. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone in your team needs to have the same perspective. In fact, you can often accomplish more by embracing a wide selection of diverse viewpoints.

As the digital world continues to have more of an impact on everything from finance to marketing, public relations, and IT, it’s critical to find candidates that have varied backgrounds and skills to offer. The more diversity you have in your team, the easier it will be to overcome complex challenges with out of the box thinking. What’s more, diverse recruitment can help to improve your employer brand.


Step 3: Build a Supportive Environment



High-performing teams need to feel as though they can rely on their colleagues to help them accomplish goals on behalf of the company. According to the Head of Industry at Google, “There’s no team without trust.”

Creating a supportive environment within your membership business begins by exploring the idea of “psychological safety.” Employees need to know that they’re not going to be punished if their creativity and independent actions lead to mistakes. Encouraging out-of-the-box thinking among your people and celebrating those who try new things is a great way to help your membership organisation flourish.


Step 4: Give Employees Room to Thrive

Although effective teams need to collaborate to achieve their goals, they also need room to explore their unique skills. A high-performing team is bound to have people from a range of backgrounds, each with their own strengths and areas of expertise. Leaders in a good membership organisation will know how to delegate tasks to take advantage of certain talents.

Make sure that you’re providing your staff members with the environment, resources and support they need to thrive both in a team environment and as an individual.

Every member of your team will have their strengths and development areas. Pairing the right people together will naturally lead to mentorship opportunities that supplement skill gaps as well as providing bonding opportunities.


Step 5: Focus on Great Leadership



Finally, in any membership business, it’s crucial to make sure that your employees have the right leadership to guide them towards success. Whether you’re in the educational industry, the medical sector, or a professional institute, your leadership team needs to be ready to inspire and motivate the rest of your high-performing teams.

Leaders are the people who set the standard for the rest of the group, by showing them what “excellence” means to your organisation. According to the CIPD, the input of the right leader can be enough to improve workplace engagement by 39%.

Develop leadership strategies intended to keep employees motivated as they work together with their peers, and make sure to offer rewards and recognition for those that achieve great things in their roles.


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