Magic Team Moment


Have you ever felt that slight rush of adrenalin when everything 'clicks' – when you feel, collectively, as if you are unstoppable and everything is falling into place?

It's the magic of a team - when it knows where it is going, what it is doing and is excited by it. You share a connection and a set of values that are genuine, creative and collaborative.

That magic moment

It's that magic moment when you feel as if, as a group, you can accomplish anything, and you do.

You have impact. You are greater and better because of your diversity, thought and expertise.

You look forward to coming to work (virtually and in-person) because you know that your creativity and commitment is going to be celebrated by those around you and will lead to true innovation.

Does this mean that you agree all of the time? No, it doesn't. What it does mean is that you feel free to voice your opinions, challenge, share new ideas and be willing to take those ideas into action and to experiment. You are encouraged to be open and courageous [and admit when things aren't going as planned too].

Your team may also extend to those outside of your formal remit, such as volunteers, who give their time and share that strong sense of connectedness to the organisation and your team. In the membership world, we are always working with volunteers and when we work together, in partnership, everyone benefits. With volunteers at your side, you also have powerful advocates for your work and your shared successes. If things go wrong, then they will be by your side too. Why? Because they are part of your team, and it's magic.

Let's also hope that you laugh a lot too – work should be fun, shouldn't it?

A step change

Finally, it means that when you assess and measure the progress you have made, you are astonished at what you have done. In old business-speak, you have made a step-change.

How long is a magic moment? That depends on you and the team you are a part of. You may not even know you are in one until the moment has passed.

What I do know is that if you have been part of one (and you know who you are), you will be in one again, as you are part of that magic.

Memoria Lewis

Memoria is a CEO, interim leader and strategy consultant experienced in international business development, transformation and strategy.

Memoria has worked globally for a variety of organisations including not-for-profits, professional services organisations, and global membership bodies. She spent 13 years at the Stanford Research Institute, representing the globally recognised think tank across Europe, South Africa and Eastern Canada, and also has over six years of experience in tech-led and clean tech space. Memoria specialises in delivering strategies that increase engagement and maximise influence.

Memoria champions diversity and inclusion as she firmly believes it enables people to be their best, which in turn drives innovation, creativity and performance.

Connect with Memoria on Linkedin here.