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The right leader is the catalyst for your strategic success and growth. The wrong leader can be a costly, damaging mistake. 

We believe now is the time for a positive leadership transformation that will protect your organisation, your legacy, and the entire sector.

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Leadership in the membership sector has never been more visible

Our sector is at a critical stage.  With all eyes of the membership sector scrutinsing your leadership decisions, you'll need to be confident in finding the right successor, whether you're a Director of the Board, a Chair, Trustee or a departing leader.

We are committed to going beyond the boundaries of conventional Executive Search methods that frequently neglect significant governance and cultural elements for membership organisations.

Our priority is to ensure a secure and risk-free senior hiring process.



Our Solution

Tailored Executive Search, exclusively for the Membership sector

  • The power of data and technology to deliver detailed non-bias candidate evaluations, unique to you and your needs.
  • A detailed visual assessment of how candidates align with essential criteria, including not only their performance in the role, but also their compatibility with your vision, people, values, and culture.
  • The ability to collaborate seamlessly with key stakeholders, regardless of their location, all within a single portal. Our portal would contain every piece of information you require to confidently navigate the hiring process and make the perfect decision. 

membership leaders

The online executive search platform

Harnessing the power of technology, Membership Leaders ensures your replacement is the right fit for your organisation, whilst driving the search process forwards for a smooth, efficient transition:
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, wherever they are
  • Align stakeholders with collective profile benchmarking 
  • Rigorous McQuaig Behavioural Assessments for shortlisted candidates
  • Deep competency evaluation reports against benchmarked profiles
  • Aggregated feedback for efficient, inclusive decisions

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Membership sector only

We work solely with membership organisations, providing a deep understanding of our sectors' niche succession challenges.


Extensive network & expertise

 We've spent years cultivating a wide ranging network of  professionals spanning across sectors and industries, and we're well versed in finding the right fit, fast.


Membership Leaders Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to deliver exceptional leaders that we offer a free replacement for up to two years if, your senior leader is not the perfect fit.

Dennis Howes

Evaluated by Experts

Headed up by our Co-Founder, Dennis

Dennis has 25+ years experience in delivering senior leaders, with 16+ years spent exclusively in the membership sector. Dennis heads the team dedicated to finding you your future leader, and is your first port of call on your journey.    

Contact Dennis by clicking here

board members

protect your organisation


Partner with us to evaluate and select your next leader, backed by our up to 2 year Membership Leaders Guarantee:

  • Mitigate Risk
  • Retain Reputation 
  • Build Member Confidence

Avoid costly hiring mistakes with a data-led approach proven to deliver top leaders in our sector.




move on with confidence


Drive your own succession and get there quicker! We'll work with you to find the best replacement:

  • Align Stakeholders
  • Assess successor suitability
  • Preserve your legacy

Find out how partnering with us can ensure a smooth, seamless transition to a leader well matched to build on your legacy.



Trusted by Boards, Chairs, Trustees, CEOs and senior leaders from membership organisations including:

successful C-Suite and Senior level appointments


  • Chief Executive Officer - CEA
  • Chief Executive Officer - FCSA
  • Chief Financial Officer - Chartered Institute of Taxation
  • Director of Corporate Engagement - Chartered Quality Institute
  • Interim Director of Membership - Association of Charitable Foundation


  • Chief Operating Officer - City 200 Group
  • Director of Membership - Chartered College of Teaching
  • Managing Director, Tech Partnership Degrees - TechUK
  • Business Development Director- Institute of Chartered Fosterers


  •  Trade Association Director - Build UK
  • Head of Communities - UK Finance
  • Commercial Director - Chartered Governance Director
  • Policy Director - ICGN
  • Head of the Broadband Stakeholder Group - TechUK


"TAF has a long-standing and hugely valuable relationship with Membership Bespoke, providing our members with insight and advice based on their years of experience as the leading membership recruiter in the UK. Their expertise in the membership employment market is second-to-none."




A proven platform for the amplification and collaboration of diversity

We're in the people business.  As experts in finding the best hires for leadership roles we take our responsibility seriously in ensuring a fair, just and diverse talent landscape runs through to the highest levels across the membership sector.

Our network of candidates is rich with diverse talent and our objective assessment process ensures that candidates are evaluated based on their abilities to match the desired attributes and ambitions of the role. 

We can all do better.  We continue to champion diversity, equity and inclusion alongside all of our partners and clients, evolving our processes to ensure we are always striving to do better, together.



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