We are delighted to today announce the official launch of our Executive Search division (although many of you will know we've been working on this in the background already!)  Here's the full story...

Building on our reputation as the most experienced recruitment firm in the membership sector, we are thrilled to unveil our candidate evaluation platform, rigorous data-led assessment approach, and the appointment of our new Head of Executive Search.

Co-founder Dennis Howes explains more:

“Offering Executive Search is a natural progression for Membership Bespoke and our commitment to ensuring the best diverse talent flows through to every level and every vertical within the membership sector.

We're pioneering how senior leaders are assessed and evaluated using the latest technology to marry data led insights with expert evaluation to ensure we find the best strategic and cultural fit for member-based organisations. Now more than ever it’s so important to ensure the right leaders are in place to take on the challenges facing our sector and propel membership businesses into a secure and sustainable future.

We’re excited to see this next chapter in our journey unfold and look forward to working with clients across the sector.”

The role of technology in today's Executive Search needs:

“The world is evolving and with it come new technologies and exciting opportunities to evolve the talent acquisition process. We’re embracing that as we launch Executive Search. Whilst technology doesn’t replace the human element of recruitment, it does make the process run a lot smoother.   Armed with deeper insights about each candidate, presented in an intuitive online platform, stakeholders can now have greater visibility throughout the search process. Our approach enables quicker, more confident decisions.”

Membership Leaders, the new online platform configured with the membership sector in mind, allows stakeholders across boards to view candidates CVs, executive summaries, McQuaig Assessment Results and Key Competency Benchmarking reports.

The team, who boast a portfolio of clients including the British Veterinary Association (BVA), Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), CIPR and Mensa amongst many more, are already working with two national associations in their pursuit of a new Managing Director and CEO roles.

Find out more about our Executive Search solution.