We believe that now is the opportune moment for transformation within the membership sector. 2023 presented its fair share of challenges, vividly showcasing the detrimental impact that selecting the wrong leader can have. 

Our primary goal is to safeguard the many benefits our sector brings by providing a diverse range of exceptional senior leaders, who possess the necessary skills and qualities to lead effectively.


So, how do we kickstart this change? By empowering you, the Board, with the necessary platform and resources to ensure that the guardianship you hold over your membership organisation remains secure and protected, knowing that your senior leaders are capable and trustworthy.

That's why we've produced a handy reference guide providing you with the necessary tools and data-driven approach to make a confident and informed hiring decision. 

What's in the toolkit:Cover-Mockup-1

  • How to spot harmful leadership before it manifests in your organisation
  • The role of Boards in cultivating positive leadership
  • Positive and red flag traits to look out for during candidate evaluation
  • Questions to ask to get to really know your candidates behaviours and values
  • The importance of successful onboarding and the Board's role



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