In the dynamic landscape of the membership sector, the role of leaders is more crucial than ever. Whether you're a part of the Board, Chair, Trustee, or a departing leader, the decisions made about senior leadership can shape the trajectory of your organisation. Traditional executive search methods may not be sufficient in identifying the perfect leader for your unique needs. This is where behavioural assessments step in, offering a fresh perspective and levelling the playing field for candidates from diverse backgrounds.


Beyond Traditional
Executive Search

In a rapidly evolving sector, the emphasis on behaviours over experience and exposure to opportunities has become imperative. Behavioural assessments play a pivotal role in providing a comprehensive understanding of a candidate's fit within an organisation. This approach is particularly beneficial for underrepresented candidates, ensuring a fair evaluation based on inherent qualities rather than just a track record.


Benefits of Behavioural Assessments:

Inclusive Evaluation: Focusing on behaviours fosters inclusivity, allowing candidates from varied backgrounds to be assessed on a level playing field.

Risk Mitigation: Understanding the behavioural tendencies of potential leaders minimizes the risk of making costly hiring mistakes. By delving into how a candidate is likely to behave, organisations can make more informed decisions.

Stakeholder Alignment: Using a behavioural benchmark aligns stakeholders and provides a holistic view of what qualities are essential for organisational success, across the business.


How Behavioural Assessments Work

Every organisation is unique, and so are the behavioural traits desired in a leader. Behavioural assessments, such as those from McQuaig, as we use here at Membership Bespoke, offer a structured approach to understanding a candidate's motivations and natural tendencies. Through a series of online questions based on opposing behavioural traits, hiring boards gain valuable insights into the behavioural profile of each candidate.


McQuaig Behavioural Assessments

The sliding scale of opposing behavioural traits allows for a nuanced understanding of each candidate's motivations and tendencies.

  • Are candidates more dominant or accepting?
  • Do they exercise caution? Are they competitive and motivated by goals?
  • Are candidates more social or analytical?
  • Are they empathetic? Are they logical?
  • Are they relaxed or driving? Patient or restless?
  • Do they persist? Do they seek the details?

The assessments provide an objective foundation for evaluating candidates, moving beyond subjective opinions.


Evaluating Behavioural Assessments 

Understanding your candidates is just the first step; the real challenge lies in using this information to make the right decision. Membership Bespoke takes this process a step further by allowing stakeholders to create an ideal candidate behavioural profile. Results are then aggregated to form a benchmark that considers the diverse needs of your organisation. The opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to the ideal candidate behavioural profile ensures a well-rounded perspective.

A human-led expert evaluation complements the behavioural assessments, adding a layer of qualitative analysis to the process.


The Future of Executive Search in the Membership Sector

Behavioural assessments are not just a trend; they represent a fundamental shift in how organisations identify and select leaders. As the membership sector navigates unprecedented challenges, having leaders who not only possess the right skills but also align with the organisational culture is paramount. Behavioural assessments offer a comprehensive solution, contributing to better decision-making, reduced hiring risks, and a more inclusive recruitment process.

To conclude, the membership sector stands at a critical juncture, and the choice of leaders will define its future. Embracing innovative tools like behavioural assessments ensures that organisations make informed decisions, fostering a leadership team that propels the sector forward with confidence and resilience.


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