Heading up the Temp Division


I'm Anna Christofis, and I’m delighted to be heading up the temporary division at Membership Bespoke. The Membership Sector plays such a key role in shaping almost every sector of our lives by promoting best practice, informing and educating its members and being that representative voice. This makes the sector such an interesting place to work, and there is a vast array of interesting roles.

I’m passionate about temporary recruitment

I find it very rewarding that I can support people with their careers on an ongoing basis, whether they are a career temp/contractor, who specialises in project work, or someone who is just available for a few months due to life circumstances. Whilst they get direction and support from their line managers and often teammates, we need to look after the needs that would be normally taken care of by HR, from compliance to feedback and well-being checks.

Temping often requires a specialist skillset

Temps often have to parachute in at short notice and hit the ground running. They have to be effective immediately. They can really help to alleviate the pressure on permanent staff, allowing them to focus on their own roles rather than having to absorb extra workload at busy times.

So, whether you need; a temporary contractor on an ongoing basis to assist with a special project, an extra pair of hands at busy times, someone to cover a sabbatical, someone to bridge a gap whilst you are recruiting a permanent member of staff, or some short-term holiday cover, we have a bank of membership sector specialist temps that can help.

Here are some examples of the roles our current temps are working in:

  • Membership department specialists at all levels
  • Systems migration experts
  • Events specialists
  • Training and learning coordinators
  • Marketing and communications
  • Business support

To discuss how we can support your organisation with temporary recruitment, or learn more about our current temporary candidates, please get in touch.