Salary Guide 2022

Membership Salary Guide 2022

We started last year’s salary guide with the introduction, “If we thought 2020 was an interesting year, 2021 certainly comes in a close second”. And now we are faced with 2022. Still recovering from the pandemic and dealing with the effects of Brexit, we now have the Russian invasion of Ukraine affecting our economy and historic levels of inflation to contend with.

Building on the 2021 guide

Membership Salary Guide 2022

We started the Membership Sector Salary Guide in 2021 to help you understand the trends in the industry. It’s your guide to salary packages and is designed to guide your strategy for the next 12 months. The guide covers all roles within trade associations, professional bodies, and regulatory bodies.

Membership Sector Recruiting Trends

  • We have seen increases in salaries of between 5% and 15% across the board.
  • Marketing, Digital, and Comms role have seen the biggest increases.
  • Lack of talent in Marcomms means that the competition is fierce.
  • Any role which has a financial target or financial contribution to the bottom line has increased faster than other departments.
  • The biggest increases we have seen were initially in more junior roles, but this has rippled out to more senior roles.
  • Benefits and working patterns have also continued to move towards hybrid working, particularly in London.

Where did the candidates we placed in 2021 come from?

What type of employment were our placements

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If you have any queries on the guide or would like to discuss recruiting in the membership sector, contact the Membership Bespoke team. We offer benchmarking and role analysis as well as advice and guidance on how to attract and retain people.