People recruiting in the membership sector


You cannot have failed to hear that we are officially now in a recession. It’s a strange one for recruiters because it’s a recession with a high level of employment, leaving many of us wondering where this is going to lead for the recruitment industry. Predictions for 2023 are that the recession will deepen before it improves, and recent reports reveal a sluggish job market, with hiring freezes across many companies and salary requirements escalating to keep up with inflation.

The membership sector tends to fair well during a recession. Membership organisations, professional bodies, trade associations, regulatory bodies, and political parties, etc., are fairly recession resilient. They are uniquely placed to support their members through tough times. It is better for individuals and companies to be a member of a collective organisation rather than stand as individuals, and as such, memberships don’t readily drop away as you might expect. 

Specialising in the membership sector for over 10 years, we know that it is essential to keep your members engaged and informed in more challenging times through a variety of key initiatives. Some great examples from our clients include: 

  • Training and guidance that helps your members deal with tough economic times.
  • Lobbying and influencing government on behalf of different sectors.
  • Enhancing communications that highlight specific areas where you make an impact for your members

When it comes to recruiting during a recession, as a general rule, the number of candidates per role increases, which sounds positive but does mean each role is significantly more work for an in-house team. This is where an agency can be uniquely useful to an organisation looking for staff.

Speed to hire is also essential so that you don’t alienate the best candidates. This is another area that recruiting agencies can help with, as they will already have a pool of candidates ready to go.

As the only membership specialist recruitment organisation in the UK, offering a dedicated service tailored to the needs of trade associations, professional bodies, regulatory bodies and political parties, we can help you through any recruitment needs you have. 

We recognise that companies may be more inclined towards temporary and contract positions, which might be suited to these times of economic uncertainties. Our temp, interim and freelance-focused team have access to temporary cover that specialise in the membership sector. Our database of tried and trusted candidates have all been vetted and approved by us, so they are ready to enter your team and make an impact. 

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