Unveiling the Top 5 Tactics Membership Organisations Use to Attract High-Calibre Staff Without Stretching Their Budgets.

Revealing the Key Strategies Membership Organisations Employ to Attract Top Talent While Keeping Costs in Check

In today's competitive job market, membership organisations face a dual challenge: attracting top-tier talent and managing costs effectively. While attracting high-calibre staff is crucial for driving organisational success, budgetary constraints often necessitate creative approaches to recruit the best people.

Membership Bespoke works with Membership organisations to address this challenge and find amazing staff who are committed to the cause. In this article, We delve deeper into the top five tactics employed by membership organisations to attract exceptional staff while staying within budgetary limits.

1. Part-Time and Flexible Hours

In recent years, there has been a notable shift in workplace preferences, with an increasing number of professionals seeking flexibility in their work arrangements. Recognising this trend, membership organisations have embraced part-time and flexible work hours as a strategic tactic to attract high-calibre staff.

Offering part-time roles or flexible scheduling options allows organisations to appeal to a broader pool of candidates, including individuals who may have care-giving responsibilities, pursue further education, or seek a better work-life balance. By accommodating the diverse needs of prospective employees, membership organisations demonstrate their commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.

In addition, flexible work arrangements can contribute to increased employee satisfaction and productivity. Studies have shown that employees who have control over their work schedules are often more engaged and motivated, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction and retention. By prioritising flexibility, membership organisations not only attract top talent but also cultivate a positive workplace culture conducive to long-term success.

Daniel Goddard, Co-founder of specialist recruitment agency for the membership sector, Membership Bespoke said, “Since the COVID pandemic, we’ve found that candidates with impressive CVs have been much keener to work flexibly or reduced hours.

“Membership organisations have found that recruitment of senior staff at reduced hours has given them access to skills they might not otherwise be able to afford. “

2. Fast Turnaround and Slick Process

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, time is of the essence. Membership organisations recognise the importance of efficiency in the hiring process and strive to minimise delays to secure top talent swiftly. A fast turnaround and slick recruitment process not only enhance the organisation's reputation but also improve the candidate experience, making it more likely for top-tier candidates to accept job offers.

To achieve this, membership organisations invest in streamlining their recruitment processes, from initial application screening to final selection. Leveraging technology solutions such as applicant tracking systems and video interviewing platforms can significantly expedite the hiring process while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Furthermore, clear communication and transparency throughout the recruitment process are crucial for building trust and rapport with candidates. Providing timely updates on the status of their application and offering constructive feedback after interviews demonstrate respect for candidates' time and effort, enhancing the organisation's employer brand in the eyes of potential hires.

Madeline Newbon, Head of Permanent at Membership Bespoke agreed, “Speed is of the essence when recruiting for a highly competitive role. We pride ourselves on providing fast feedback to our clients and candidates to ensure the best experience and outcome.”

3. Agency as a Brand Ambassador

Membership Bespoke plays a pivotal role in helping membership organisations attract high-calibre staff. As a specialist in the Membership Sector, we have access to a wider talent pool and benefit from targeted candidate sourcing.

Furthermore, recruitment agencies serve as brand ambassadors for membership organisations, conveying their values, culture, and career opportunities to potential candidates. As experts in talent acquisition, we can effectively and independently communicate the organisation's unique selling points and differentiate it from competing recruiters, thereby increasing its attractiveness to top-tier candidates.

Louise Shepherd, Recruitment Manager at Membership Bespoke said, “As we are placing people into new roles every day, we are ideally placed to see how market expectations change one a week-by-week basis. We provide valuable intelligence to our clients so that they employ optimum recruitment strategies and ensure and remain competitive in the talent market.

“We are ideally placed to promote the client brand to new candidates. We are able to take an objective view on how a candidate is likely to fit into an organisation’s culture and tell them why from a neutral perspective. The opportunity to work for a Membership organisation is highly valued by our candidates.

4. Home Working for Geographically Dispersed

The rise of remote work has revolutionised the way organisations attract and retain talent, particularly for membership organisations with geographically dispersed teams. Offering remote work options allows organisations to tap into talent pools beyond their immediate vicinity, opening-up opportunities for recruiting top-calibre staff regardless of their location.

Remote work not only enhances the organisation's ability to attract talent but also offers cost-saving benefits. By reducing or eliminating the need for physical office space, organisations can save on overhead costs associated with utilities, rent, and maintenance. Additionally, remote work arrangements can lead to increased employee satisfaction and productivity, as employees enjoy greater flexibility and autonomy over their work environment.

However, effective management of remote teams requires robust communication and collaboration tools, as well as clear expectations and performance metrics. Establishing regular check-ins, setting clear goals, and fostering a culture of trust and accountability are essential for ensuring that remote teams remain aligned with organisational objectives and deliver results.

Louise also found this to be the case, “People now realise how much can be achieved without being in an office environment five days a week. The collaborative technology that’s now available has provided them with a different perspective on the cost and time spent travelling to work every day.

“Enabling homeworking also enables us to reach out to a much wider talent pool, as many membership organisations are regional. It means we are able to achieve much better fit with the culture and role of the recruiting client.”

5. Expand Search into Aligned Sectors

By diversifying the talent pool to access a broader range of skills and expertise, membership organisations often expand their recruitment efforts into aligned sectors. By exploring talent from adjacent industries such as housing, public services, utilities and third sector organisations we can identify candidates with transferable skills and relevant experience.

Cross-pollination of talent from aligned sectors can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the organisation, driving creativity and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. In addition, candidates from aligned sectors may bring valuable insights and best practices that can enhance the membership organisation's operations and strategic initiatives.

However, expanding the search into aligned sectors requires careful planning and targeted outreach to ensure that candidates possess the necessary skills, competencies, and values to thrive in the organisation.

Louise added, “Many of the clients I work with see real value in having broader perspectives available to their organisations. While they definitely need the core skills and knowledge of their membership reflected in their workforce, they are seeing the benefits of having a diversity of views.”


In conclusion, membership organisations employ a range of tactics to attract high-calibre staff without exceeding their budgetary constraints by:

  • Offering part-time and flexible work hours
  • Streamlining recruitment processes
  • Leveraging recruitment agencies
  • Embracing remote work
  • Expanding their search into aligned sectors

These savvy organisations demonstrate their commitment to attracting top talent while maintaining financial prudence.

By implementing these tactics strategically, membership organisations can build a skilled and motivated workforce that drives organisational success and furthers their mission and impact.

At Membership Bespoke, we have extensive experience with how membership organisations are structuring their staffing to meet the challenges ahead. Discover more about our expertise.