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The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) required a new Chief Executive Officer to lead them forward in their strategies around lobbying, expanding business, and business development following the retirement of their existing CEO.

In this CEO role, the CEA required an individual with a sharp eye for strategy, development, and an aptitude for compassionately listening to their member communities to ensure further growth.


Our client – The Construction Equipment Association

The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) is a highly recognised Trade Association that speaks on behalf of the UK construction equipment sector to the HM Government. 

The CEA’s mission is to “represent the interests of their members within the UK construction equipment industry in an ever-changing competitive global environment.” 

CEA's vision is to “be the Voice of the Construction Equipment Sector”, provide additional value to their members, be an effective advocate for government policies, and actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of the sector. 

In addition, they have an influential presence in Brussels through their membership in the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) and have a significant global presence through their technical, regulatory, and international trade activities.

Our brief

We were contacted by the CEA for a significant, tactical position, since we had already assisted them with hiring several essential managerial roles

The CEA was in search of an individual with an astute eye to lead their Trade Association further, towards success. 

They needed to be dynamic, a strong communicator, experienced in lobbying and expanding business opportunities, and be proficient in developing and preserving the Association as a whole and its respective member communities.

Interestingly – their whole focus was not on membership sector experience, 

The Trade Association was looking for someone that could dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their mission, goals and objectives - and strive to reach higher goals with the CEA.


Our solution

Interestingly, because the CEA had moved from an outsourcing model to an employer model after being part of a collection of associations being looked after by one company, they were looking for a strong blend of commercial acumen as well as membership sector experience

To deliver for the CEA, we applied our proven Executive Search methodology and processes to full effect.

During the last 12 years, we have set ourselves apart by taking advantage of our extensive experience in recruiting for the membership sector, together with our multi-discipline and industry focus.

Consequently, numerous clients have come to us to find Executive Search services specifically designed to meet the individual needs of membership-oriented businesses.

As a result, 96% of the applicants we place remain in the job a year later.

We know that each successful Executive Search initiative requires thorough evaluation, resourcefulness, logic, sound judgement and creativity.

Through a methodical approach, our Executive Search recruiting process is proven to assist you in locating the ideal individual to propel your organisation forward.

1. Role Definition

We will develop a detailed role description, engaging with your stakeholders to better understand the additional insights to ensure each hire is a success. Here, each key stakeholder will then be asked to complete a McQuaig Job Survey to help define the behaviours and personalities they believe are essential to perform and be successful in the role. This data will be analysed in conjunction with the role specification and a benchmark profile will be compiled to match and assess potential candidates against. 

2. Research Phase

As the most experienced membership sector-focused recruitment firm in the UK, we offer the widest sector coverage and the largest network of sector specialists - with a database containing more than 15,000 multi-disciplined professionals operating across the country.

Our two Founders senior contacts at Board level in the membership and Not for Profit sectors is a great source of intelligence with respect to identifying the best talent in the market. Together with the team of recruitment specialists with extensive knowledge and reach into the membership, commercial and public sectors, we are uniquely placed to provide unparalleled access to a broad range of individuals with experience across all levels. 

In addition to utilising our extensive professional networks, the initial process will include a pro-active search approach, through designated target organisations which you may specify, as well as those identified by our research team. The search process will run in tandem with a strategic person-focused advertisement campaign and a Social Media Recruitment Strategy to attract the widest possible range of either passive or active candidates.

Upon completion of our robust Executive Search, we delivered to the following timeline requirements set out by CEA’s senior stakeholders:

  • The Board must receive 10 CVs that had been pre-screened and vetted by the 3rd of June 2021 – which we successfully delivered to
  • The board conducted a review of our applicants and narrowed our list to 6 CVs.

We oversaw every step of the recruitment process, from being understanding towards candidates who were rejected, to managing a two-stage interview process that began virtually and ended with in-person sessions with the CEA Board of Directors.


Our results

Right on time, we gave the CEA Board the CEO they had been searching for; one who matched with all their specific requirements, leaving them feeling very pleased with their decision.

Our team of experienced recruitment professionals can assist you in meeting all of your staffing requirements, tell us how we can help.

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